Saturday, August 4, 2012

How to make Salsa and Guacamole from your garden

Ok so first you get some ingredients.  I've got an avacado, onion, cilantro, lime, tomatoe, and basil.  For salsa you just need the onion, lime, tomatoe, cilantro and a dash of salt but you can put whatever.  Certainly for heat you can put a jalipeno or habenero, but I've got a nursing wife and a two year old so this is going to be mild salsa.

Here's a great little hand chopper I used.  A knife or sharp piece of obsidian, chirt, or glass would work fine too.  The objective is to cut it into salsa sized pieces.

Ok it's sliced up.  It aught to look about like this.

Put your chopped items in a bowl

Squeeze some lime juice with the help of a 2 year old named Bear.  The lime is tasty but also slows the oxidation of the ingredients and adds acidity if you were to can the salsa.

Mix it up with your best mixer.
Mix some kosher salt in to taste and you've got salsa!!

If you would like to make some great guacamole put some of your salsa in a bowl.

Put avacado in bowl

Mix it up with a fork and ta da!!  Guacamole.

Put in bag or jar and store in fridge until use.

Here's a great way to grow some of  your herbs and additives.  It's called an earth tainer.  Here's a link to plans to build one



Here's some of that basil.  I do not reccomend earth tainers for tomatoes.  Tomatoes grow tastiest and best in the ground.  If you use an earth tainer for them, they take a lot of water and you tend to get tomatoes that taste like the store. We'll blog how to do the no dig no weed garden later. That being said, they grow good herbs with not so much matenence.  The herbs are much smaller than full sized tomatoes so they don't suck up all the water so fast.

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