Friday, July 19, 2013

How to make lip balm

Making your own lip balm is pretty easy.  Just heat up some oil and melt some beeswax in it and you've got it.  Serously, that's all there is.  However you can spice things up by puttin in some quality ingredients.  Here's how I make my lip balms for Fitzpatrick Farm.  I'm also providing a resource list of where to get all this stuff at the bottom.  A list of my flavors and how to order my lip balm is down there too.
Here's a simple lip balm recipe,  It's all by weight so get a scale
1 part wax
1 part cocoa butter
1 part soft nut butter
1 part liquid oil

First you get some pure beeswax.  See previous post for that.

I like to use a mixture of oils so here are the three I use, you could just use olive oil and do fine though

Oil 2

Oil 3.  I mix these oils equally and actually do a little more than 25% oil,

Make sure it's deodorized or your balm will be chocolate scented/flavored
I chose this mango butter as my soft nut butter you can also use shea, or coconut, or some of each like the oils
If you want vitamin E you puncture the capsules and squeeze it in.  If you have an oil based sunblock spray you can spray that in for a spf lip balm.  (I tend not to)
Then you put all that stuff in a pan and melt it.  1 part beeswax, 1 part mango butter, 1 part cocoa butter, and a bit more than one part oil.  Next batch I might put a bit of coconut oil in to make it a little more slippery.

So here it is all melte together
To flavor it you can use essential oils or flavor oils.
Add them after melting everything.  If your not sure how much taste the balm, it re melts if you run out of time.

You can get all sorts of lip balm cap colors and tubes too of course.  If you have a tin or small container you can also do that instead.
Filling the tubes

All full

You can buy lip balm label printer paper that is waterproof and stick it on.

And thats It you're ready to go.

Here's where to get free uncopywrited images (I usually take the pics for my labels fyi)
Here's where I suggest you buy essential oils, oils, butters, etc

If you would like to buy some of my lip balms I charge $2 a piece or 6 for $10.  Postage included.  You can email an order to  My flavors are lemongrass, mint, coconut lime, or unscented.  I may have a couple cedar left too.  Just let me know how many and I'll email you back payment info.

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